If your warehouse becomes too cluttered or too small, or it is no longer economically viable, we would be pleased to warehouse your goods on your behalf. Our warehouses comply with current safety requirements, they have video surveillance and are secured with alarms. The data are stored and are available on demand at any time.

Hall 1

is a high-bay warehouse with approx. 1,000 spaces. Here, the pallets are sorted by numbers and batches and are individually accessible at any time. In the designated order picking areas, goods are packaged, stacked on pallets, wrapped in foil and prepared for shipment.

In the additional 360 square metres of storage space, various goods (boxes, frames and other goods) are stored in intermediate storage.
The 1,500 square metres of open spaces behind hall 1 provide room for storing empties and goods which can be stored regardless of weather conditions.

Hall 2

Additional docking ramps allow for easy loading and unloading of lorries and containers. The ramps can also be used to unload vehicles, which then drive out of the hall at ground level. Hall 2 is designed as an ADR goods warehouse and is fitted with a gas detection system. Approx. 2,200 octabins or pallets can be stored here. The large gates make it possible for lorries to fully drive into the hall and for bulky goods to be unloaded under cover. The extension to Hall 2 also offers another 400 spaces for dangerous goods.